All hail the Gamers King

The King that will one day govern the Metaverse and the City of Solana.
Each gamer have a royal blood flowing in their veins and is next in line to the thrones.
Which Gamers will be the one and true king? Nobody knows.

Gamers King was born in the lab of a mad artist famously known as Dondyaul under the command of our KingV1 and KingV2. Gamers King intended to expand its community to the world by making Gamers as our niche which made up 41% of the total world population.



Mint Date


Mint Price

Discount Pass: 0.3 SOL per mint
Public: 0.4 SOL per mint


Genesis Gamers King V1 is the alpha Gamers. These collections are the first to be minted and the only one that is allowed to generate $GKING. In our current plan, the $GKING can be used to participate in our raffles and to claim the beta Gamers known as Gamers King V2.


Created in the lab using $GKING as its power source, is a claimable collection to those who own a Genesis GKV1. This is our way to honor our fellow King that diamond handed our project. A total mystery to be uncovered by our team in the lab in the future.

gamers king Roadmap
Mini Game Launch (Gamers Runner)
Gamers King Launch
Mint-Stake-Reveal (MSR) Olympus Collection Protocol
Giveaways SOLDOUT (25%, 75% & 100%)
Reveal Gamers King Genesis Collection
Staking For Gamers King Genesis Collection
Game Event - Collaboration Competition
gamers king



The First King! The one that governs all. Love NFTs and strive to create the best in the world.

King V2


The 2nd King. The one with great mind. Experience investor. Always out there ceasing opportunities.

Mr Lucaz

Advisor Lead

The hand of the king. Chief Advisor. The man full of wisdom. Will guide the team with excellent judgement.



Self taught abstract artist. Love expressing his emotions through arts. Over a year in NFT field & one who face challenges head on.



A very humble person. Always eager to learn and venture into new things in his life. Been in the NFT industry for quite some time.



Believes in the importance of taking care of one Mental Health. A Healthy Mind equals to a better life. That's our ambassador.


Raid Master

Positivity and productivity are her watchwords. The ultimate raid master the world has ever seen.


Dev Lead

The code wizard & a coffee addict. Helping the world’s most ambitious NFT projects build in Web3. A believer of the multichain future.


3D Artist

The one with the touch of midas. The creator of Gamers King arts.



The pondering artist. The one that create from zero to one with utmost care.


Collab Manager

The middleman between Gamers King and other potential project. A hard worker, never stop hustling.


Community Manager

The one who manages the community. He thrives to make the best community in Solana.


MOD Lead & Social Manager

The one who act as the messenger between the community and the team. Talk too much sometimes.

Gamers King community

The Gamers King community is created to grow and thrive together in any market condition. We want to help more people to understand the NFTs ecosystem. Of course, we will look into others web3 communities that have the same ideals as ours and potentially working together.

Gamers King

Gamers King is a digital art collection of 5,555 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Our community comprises people from various backgrounds - builders, innovators, gamers and many more! Every art created was inspired by the gamers, for the gamers.

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